Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Regina vs. Hall/Jones

Presented by Detective Sergeant Rolf Kluem, officer-in-charge of the Durham Regional Police Homicide Squad, this case examines the execution style murder of a Crown witness and the complex and innovative investigation that lead to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible.

Regina vs. Gauthier-Kelly

Presented by Detective Inspector Tim Millar of the Ontario Provincial Police, Criminal Investigation Branch. This case study underscores the unique challenges experienced by investigators in the process of investigating the murder of a 4-month-old child.

The Moore Investigation

Presented by Detective Sergeant Rick Defacendas and Detective Magdi Younan of the Peel Regional Police Homicide Squad. This features a unique multi-jurisdictional investigation into the disappearance and death of three young men that lead police to a serial sex offender, Douglas Moore.

The Sunnybrook Hospital Fire

Presented by Detective Sergeant Cory Bockus of the Toronto Police Service this case deals with the arson murder of two elderly men in an institutional setting. With a rapidly aging population this case features many of the challenges that homicide investigators in the Province of Ontario will be facing in the near future.

Conversation with a Killer

After pleading guilty to the first degree murder of ten-year-old Holly Jones, convicted killer Michael Briere was transported to prison by Detective Sergeant Ken Taylor and Detective Sergeant Mark Saunders. In the course of the journey Brier shared his thoughts on the crime and the police investigation with the two officers. This presentation provides a unique glimpse into the mind of a child killer.

Pediatric Death Review Protocol

The death of a child presents investigators with unique challenges and obstacles. Dr. Jim Cairns, Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario and Detective Sergeant Chris Buck of the Toronto Police Service Homicide Squad present the Province of Ontario’s protocol pertaining to pediatric death.

Intimate Femicide

Despite changes in the laws and social programs designed for their protection the number of women who are murdered at the hands of their spouse or partner still remains high. Renowned criminologist Professor Rosemary Gartner of the University of Toronto shares the results of her in-depth study focusing on women murdered in intimate domestic settings.

Domestic Violence/Suicide Review

Detective Sergeant Tom Girling of the Ontario Provincial Police, Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario explains the protocol in place in the Province of Ontario for the review of suicides and deaths resulting from domestic violence.

Long Term Management of Violent Offenders

Mr. William Stahlbaum of Corrections Canada explains the necessity and benefits of investigators sharing information with Corrections officials to provide a more effective response on offender parole and long-term management strategies.

Equivocal Death

The ambiguous nature of certain death scenes can present a confusing picture in terms of cause and manner of death. Detective Sergeant James Smyth of the Ontario Provincial Police, Behavioural Science’s provides insights and assistance when dealing with an equivocal death scene.

Data Analysis in a Homicide Investigation

Detective Terry Hill, Hamilton Police Service will demonstrate the analytical utility of the case management software PowerCase and its practical application within a homicide investigation.

Electronic Brief Preparation

Detective Mike Scott of the Ontario Provincial Police demonstrates how an electronic, multi-media Crown brief can be prepared utilizing PowerCase and Adobe software.

Bill C-45

Mr. Robert Johnson, Legal Counsel, Halton Regional Police will provide an introduction to the recent legislation that deals with corporate criminal liability and its potential impact on death investigations.

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