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Conference Flyer



Ontario Homicide Investigator’s Association

Partners in Investigative Excellence

2008 Homicide Workshop

  Conference Schedule

May 5 – May 9, 2008

Niagara Falls, Ontario


The Angelica Pauls Investigation

Halton Regional Police Service


The Robert Stanley Investigation

Edmonton Police Service


Project Cartoon

York Regional Police

Toronto Police Service


The Christine Jessop Investigation

A Cold Case Review


Project Kyrptic

Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force

Toronto Police Service


The Rose McGroarty Investigation

Toronto Police Service


Investigative Critical Thinking

Dr Richard Belec

Convicting the Guilty

Assistant Crown Attorney Steve Sheriff


Register Today For Entry to All Presentations and the Banquet Dinner - Thursday May 8, 2008!

Registration Fee: $400.00 (+ GST / PST)

Additional Banquet Tickets may be purchased for $50.00 (+ GST / PST) each


Embassy Suites Hotel

Niagara Falls, Ontario


Accommodations are available at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Niagara Falls at a conference rate of $135.00 per night, which includes breakfast.  Please call 1-800-420-6980 to book your room and request the OACP Homicide Workshop block.


the OACP Conference Registration site



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