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Linda Shaw Memorial Award

For the perseverance and dedication demonstrated in a Historic (Cold Case) homicide investigation.
Hamilton Police Service
Murder of Diane WERENDOWICZ
Overview of the Investigation:
·        In 1997 the Hamilton Police Service formed a task force to identify and arrest a male who was committing a number of sexual assaults in the east end of Hamilton, an individual was arrested
·        During the course of the investigation hundreds of sexual assaults were reviewed dating back to 1980
·        The investigation determined there were two sexual predators operating in this area and ten cases were linked
·        Ten cases during the time frame of 1980 – 1997 were identified
One included the 1981 murder of Diane WERENDOWICZ
·        Diane WERENDOWICZ was last seen walking home from a restaurant shortly before midnight on June 20th, 1981
·        The next day she was found dead, face down in a creek with a truck tire on her shoulders and head
·        She was a victim of sexual assault
·        Cause of death was drowning
A second case was a 1981 Attempt Murder of a female on August 21 1981
·        This victim was walking home shortly before midnight when she was confronted by a male who brandished a screw driver
·        She was forced into a field where the perpetrator attempted to sexually assault the victim
·        The victim was stabbed numerous times penetrating her spinal cord and skull
·        The victim survived but suffered permanent spinal cord damage
A task force was formed in 1998
·        The linking of the ten cases developed a significant description of the offender
·        Two methods of processing evidence not originally used in the original investigation
·        These included:
o       DNA
o       Voice identification – The murderer in the WERENDOWICZ called police 2 days after the murder and left information that only the murderer would have known
·        A description of the offender and the recorded phone call were released to the media some 17 years after the crimes
·        This media appeal generated 550 tips
·        During the investigation of these tips not only was the murderer identified but a second sexual predator was identified who at the time was serving time for sexual assaults in Peel Region
·        A number of persons identified the voice as Robert Glenn BADGEROW
·        Cast off samples were obtained from Badgerow which matched the sample gathered from Diane WERENDOWICZ
·        BADGEROW was arrested for the murder and the attempt murder
  • After a nine month trial BADGEROW was convicted of the first degree murder
Staff Sergeant Steve HRAB
Sergeant Wayne BENNETT
Sergeant Mark Petkoff
Detective Constable Tom McKITTRICK
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