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Ontario Homicide Investigator’s Association

2009 Homicide Workshop

May 4 – May 8, 2009

Embassy Suites Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The “Must-Attend” Seminar for Canadian Police Homicide and Criminal Investigators 


The Goudge Inquiry

The Role of Police, Crown and Coroner

Chief Coroner Dr. Andrew McCallum Chief Pathologist Dr. Michael Pollanen


 The Hunt for Jesse Imeson

Ontario Provincial Police Windsor Police Service


 Colombia and Mississauga: Simultaneous Contract Murders
The Mauricio Castro Investigation Peel Regional Police  Peel Region Office of the Crown Attorney 


Found Human Remains

What the Missing Persons and Unidentified Human Remains Unit Can Offer You Ontario Provincial Police

Investigations Behind the Wall

 Mr. Luciano Bentenuto Deputy Director Intelligence Security Corrections Canada


The New Crime Scene: Investigating Internet Sites “FaceBook” and “MySpace”

Toronto Police Service



Organized Crime, Drugs,Murder

Linking, Investigating and Convicting one Killer for Two Separate Murders The James Boudreau Investigation Ontario Provincial Police

Register Today For Entry to All Presentations and the Banquet Dinner - Thursday May 7, 2009! Registration Fee Remains at $400.00 (+ GST / PST) Additional Banquet Tickets may be purchased for $50.00 (+ GST / PST) each


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